American Top Team New Zealand

Sorriso BJJ Club is proudly affiliated to American Top Team New Zealand.

American Top Team New Zealand is a collaboration between a collection of teams throughout New Zealand. This pathway has been created to allow high level athletes access to the best coaches, facilities & networks in the world. At the same time allowing ATTNZ the flexibility to develop our own identity.

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Shuriken Mixed Martial Arts

Sorriso BJJ Club is proudly associated with Shuriken MMA.

Shuriken Dojo was founded in 1980 by Shihan Larry Vorster 6th Dan. It currently boasts schools throughout South Africa, United Kingdom and now in New Zealand. Jason Vorster has helped run these schools, with Shuriken has producing numerous South African, and World Kickboxing Champions.

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New Zealand Grappler

New Zealand Grappler aims to provide a positive and safe environment for New Zealand grapplers of all ages to test their hard earned skills. With very few competition venues available within New Zealand, we want to provide a regular tournament circuit for grapplers needing more experience before moving on to the next level. Our competitions are fair and well run, always considering the competitor’s sake above all.

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Pilates Crew


Pilates Crew offers the highest quality Pilates classes.  All level of students will be challenged and progressed with each class.  Our instructors create classes that have evolved from classical Pilates.  Variations of exercises and stretches allow each body to have their needs met.  

Our award winning instructors are passionate teachers and have enjoyed years within the industry.  Our classes are taken by Master and Advanced Pilates Instructors qualified under Stability Plus Pilates.

Pilates Crew believes the best Pilates practice is developed in a consistent and high quality environment.  We aim to bring the best of full body conditioning to our students at an affordable price and of course, to always have a good time! We strongly encourage communication within our classes; if you have a question, ask! That way the whole class benefits from the answer.


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Braus Fight Australia

We are proud to announce tat Sorriso BJJ Club is now a partner of Braus Fight Australia.

What attracted us the most towards Braus Fight Australia is their philosophy, Jiu-Jitsu is more than just a Martial Art or a Hobby. It is a way of life! Very similar to the principals that we hold close to heart in the Sorriso BJJ environment.

These great brand not only sponsor some of the best and well-known Australian competitors but they also take time to make exceptional gold gear for on and off the mats. 

Go into their website and use the promo code paulo sorriso to get 10% off your purchase! You will not find cheaper quality GIS around! 

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Core Clinic

We are proud to announce tat Sorriso BJJ Club is now a partner of Core Clinic.

We offer a true multidisciplinary team approach to help you feel the best in the quickest way.

  • State of art, purpose built modern medical environment.
  • Easy internal referral system within Core Clinic to provide a comprehensive range of treatments in a single visit.
  • Friendly team of professionals working towards the same objective.
  • Hands on team who take a personal proactive approach to your recovery.
  • ACC accredited clinic, working for you, to provide a comprehensive service with a smile.
  • Members of Podiatry NZ, Physiotherapy NZ, Acupuncture NZ.    

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